Jeff Hinshaw

Jeff Hinshaw is an author, teacher, astrologer, and philosopher of esoteric practices. His experience is deeply rooted in ritual immersion, embodied health, yoga philosophy, tarot, astrology, and personal myth making. Jeff is the founder and facilitator of the BROOKLYN FOOLS TAROT JOURNEY and the host of the weekly astrology podcast COSMIC COUSINS.

Jeff Hinshaw is based out of New York City, where he works with students and clients both one-on-one and in group settings. He also connects with clients from around the world through video chat. His personal studies include: Psychology of the Chakra System and Chakra Therapy. He has completed over 500-hours of yoga teacher training and holds a BFA in Creative Writing; and a BA in Psychology from the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

With an extended interest in queer theory, social justice, and women's studies, Jeff Hinshaw is helping to upgrade the vocabulary of esoteric practices through a socially progressive, all-inclusive, holistic lens.


If you’d like to dive deep into Aries, my first published book Aries with Sterling Books comes out this January 2020. In this book you will learn how Aries grows, seeks to belong, and functions in life. I am so honored to be included as part of this new series of sign-by-sign guides alongside other contemporary astrologers.